What Should Your Newborn's Hospital Outfit Be in The Summer?

What Should Your Newborn's Hospital Outfit Be in The Summer?

It’s particularly important for new parents to be aware of what their newborn’s hospital outfit will be, especially in the summer. Your newborn’s weak and developing body won’t be able to regulate temperature, meaning that it’s part of your responsibility as a parent to help keep their body at a suitable temperature through proper summer newborn clothes. In today’s blog post, we are going to help you understand what clothing options you have in the summer and how to prevent your newborn baby’s body from overheating.


How to Choose Summer Newborn Clothes:

Choosing the proper taking-home baby outfits should prioritize comfort and ease, especially in the summertime. Your newborn's inability to regulate their body temperature could cause them greater harm than you might think. We've created the following newborn hospital outfit suggestions list to help keep your little one safe and sound from overheating. Keep every aspect in mind and make sure to do further research to guarantee your baby's safety.

Onesies or Bodysuits:

While onesies might seem like a bit much during the hot season, they're still important to cover your newborn's entire body to protect them from harmful external factors, and from the cold breezes that could make their body temperature a bit too cold. It's a little tricky, but the main idea is that you have to keep your baby's temperature in that sweet in-between spot. Summer newborn clothes that are made of soft and breathable fabrics like onesies can help keep them as close to that spot as possible.

Soft Cotton Pants or Shorts:

If onesies aren't your cup of tea, you can always try pants or shorts as part of your newborn outfits for the hospital. Look for pants or shorts with features like elastic waistband to make it easier to put on and take off. Moreover, your newborn outfits have to be loose-fitting to prevent applying too much pressure on your baby's delicate body. Keep in mind to always look for materials and fabrics that are both breathable and comfortable against your baby's skin.


Newborns' little ability to control their temperature stems from their heads and faces. To prevent them from overheating, don't cover your baby's head if it's too hot outside; just make sure that their head is well-protected from the sun. Therefore, for a perfect and suitable newborn hospital outfit, include a hat with a wide brim to protect your newborn's face and head from excessive direct sun exposure. Moreover, you can keep your newborn's head warm and protected using a soft cotton cap if you're always staying in cold environments during the summer.

Socks or Booties:

Much like adults, newborn's feet play a part in keeping them warm or cold. Therefore, it's important to remember to add socks or booties to your newborn's outfits for the hospital to keep them safe from the harmful impact of low body temperature, even though it's summertime. Remember that it's not so much the season that determines how to handle your newborn's body temperature, rather, it's the environments you stay in most of the time. Always keep that in mind when deciding on your newborn's wardrobe.

Swaddling Blanket:

Although it may seem strange, swaddling during the heat is not only doable but also advantageous if the proper safety measures are taken. Swaddling helps your little one to self-soothe and have better sleep by mimicking the cozy, safe, and secure feeling of the womb. So, don't hesitate to consider swaddles for your set of summer newborn clothes.

Comfortable Fabric:

When choosing summer newborn clothes, always go for soft, non-artificial, and breathable fabrics like cotton to keep your little one's delicate skin safe from irritations and allergies, and because such fabrics help your baby better regulate their body temperature. Moreover, make sure to wash all of your summer newborn clothes with a hypoallergenic detergent to remove any irritants and chemicals from the fabric. In general, avoid using washing powders and detergents that include any harsh chemicals when washing your baby's clothes.

Avoid Overdressing:

While it's important to keep your baby warm, it's even more important to avoid overheating your newborn, especially in an already warm environment. To make things easier for yourself when choosing your newborn's outfits for the hospital, dress them in one additional layer than what you are comfortable wearing to prevent overheating or overdressing.


How to Know if Your Baby is Overheating:

Newborn baby girl wearing one of her baby summer outfits.

Aside from the trip back home from the hospital, it's crucial to constantly monitor your newborn for signs of overheating, especially during the hot season when the weather might be too warm for your baby's delicate body. Therefore, it's always best to keep an eye out for your baby's body temperature and adjust their baby’s summer outfits accordingly.

Feeling the Baby's Skin:

You can check your baby's body temperature by touching their chest, back, or tummy. If their body feels sweaty or unusually hot, that means that they might be overheating. There are additional signs of overheating that you can look for, such as your baby's skin color. If their skin appears to be red or flushed, this could also be an indicator of overheating. When you notice such signs, you should immediately put them in lighter baby summer outfits to help them cool down a bit.

Observing Behavior:

If you pay closer attention, you'll find that your little one's behavior could be trying to tell you that they're overheating. Whenever your little one becomes unusually fussy and easily irritable, that means that they are uncomfortable and having difficulties settling down due to their high body temperature. Moreover, overheating can disrupt your baby's sleeping pattern, making it more difficult for them to fall asleep, and causing them to cry more than usual as well. And just like you assumed, it all comes down to your baby's summer outfits. Put them in lighter and more breathable newborn summer outfits and watch the magical difference!

Checking Breathing and Pulse:

Your infant may be having trouble cooling down if they are breathing more quickly than normal or appear to be gasping for air. Additionally, overheating may be indicated by a higher heart rate. Gently lay two fingers on the side of your baby's neck or the inside of their wrist to check their pulse. To precisely determine their heart rate, count their heartbeats for fifteen seconds, then multiply the number of their heartbeats by four. If you notice any of these indicators of overheating, quickly change your little one into lighter newborn summer outfits, then wait to see if it helps.


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With that being said, join us as we go through some of the commonly asked questions about summer newborn clothes for a better understanding of the topic.

Newborn sleeping in her newborn hospital outfit.

What to Wear Home from Hospital After Birth?

We advise you to wear whatever you feel most at ease wearing at home after giving birth. It may be a comfortable nightgown or your favorite loose sweatshirt. Loungewear is also an advantageous option since it is comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time. Additionally, it provides you with enough warmth as you wait for your labor to continue.

What Do Newborns Wear in The Summer?

When it comes to baby summer outfits, go for loose-fitting and light clothing options such as a singlet and nappy. If you go outside, make sure to keep your baby's head protected from direct sun exposure by keeping them in the shade or a light cotton hat. If you go outside, try to cover as much of your baby's skin as possible with loose and light clothes.

Do Newborns Need Hats in Summer?

Newborns struggle to control their body temperature during the first six months of life. Because of this, it's advised that babies wear hats as a key component of their baby summer outfits. During the summer season, It's especially crucial to pay attention to your newborn's hat material. Therefore, when you're considering adding a hat to your newborn summer outfits, go for soft breathable materials like cotton and fleece hats.


In Conclusion:

Regardless of your newborn's hospital outfit, it's crucial to properly choose your newborn's summer outfits in general. Your baby’s inability to regulate their body temperature makes them susceptible to both excessively hot and cold temperatures. Making sure to keep them in that in-between sweet spot keeps them away from any type of harm that is related to excessive temperatures. Remember that it’s not hard as long as you do your research.