What Baptism Gifts can Godparents Bring?

What Baptism Gifts can Godparents Bring?

Choosing a baptism gift for a godson or a goddaughter should be done thoughtfully because it’s the very first way to show the parents and their child how much you love your godson or goddaughter and how dedicated you are to looking after them and guiding them through life. Therefore, in this blog, we will be taking a closer look at the true meaning of being a godparent and listing some of our favorite baptism gift ideas for godparents.


What is The Role of Godparents?

To be able to choose a meaningful baptism gift for the child, you have to understand the true meaning of being a godparent first. Your role as a godparent varies across cultures and religious and individual preferences, but typically, the role of a godparent is to offer spiritual, moral, and even financial guidance and support for the child. Here are some common godparent roles and responsibilities:

Spiritual Guidance:

As a godparent, you are part of the child’s moral and spiritual compass. You should guide them during their upbringing and help them grow in their faith. Therefore, baptism gifts from godparents are expected to be religious to help your godson or goddaughter better understand their faith.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, your role as a godparent includes providing moral guidance, emotional support, and even financial support. This is why it would be nice to include a decent amount of money in your baptism gift box to show that you’re willing to provide the child with whatever they may need from day one.


Your role as a godparent also includes assisting the child to understand their belief and religious heritage to foster a stronger sense of belonging. This may include teaching them about sacred texts and traditions that are important in their faith. This makes giving their first children's bible a great baptism gift idea because such baptism gifts help the child appreciate and understand the cultural and religious heritage they come from.

Special Relationship:

As a godparent, you should work on developing a very close bond with the child to make them come to you themselves for some love, wisdom, and guidance when they're not feeling their best. Choosing a baptism gift that's very personal and thoughtful could be the first step in making the child feel and form that special connection between you and them.


Godparents fulfill the role of potential guardians by offering the child stability, care, and security, thereby guaranteeing their happiness and well-being. To fully understand and comply with the expectations and wishes regarding the child's upbringing and future, it is important to have an open and completely honest conversation with the child's parents. In this case, your word of honor is kind of a baptism gift as well. Your promise to take care of this child and look after their happiness and well-being for the rest of your life is the best baptism gift any kid could ask for.


What Baptism Gifts can Godparents Bring?

With all of that being said, let's now go through the list of gift ideas. Choosing goddaughter gifts or godson gifts is a very thoughtful way to celebrate this special day and show your support and love for your godson or goddaughter. Here are a few ways to get started on putting together a lovely set of gifts.

Collection of wrapped baptism gifts from godparents.

Religious Gifts:

  1. Children’s Bible: A nicely illustrated and personalized bible with the child's name and date of baptism inscribed on it is a very symbolic baptism gift that the child will hold dear for years to come. It can be their point of guidance whenever they feel a lack of inspiration and will play an important role in teaching them about their faith, the many meaningful stories in the bible, and the wise teachings of Jesus Christ. Adding a dedication page with a lovely message for the child would be a nice personal touch as well.
  2. Cross or Crucifix: Since it is supposed to symbolize a wish for wealth and success, silver is frequently thought of as a traditional baptism gift. Therefore, People always think of gifting silver religious jewelry as a powerful symbol of faith, love, and protection. You can get the child a small cross or crucifix that can either be worn or displayed in their room to give them a constant reminder of God's love and presence.
  3. Rosary: Rosaries are always considered meaningful and traditional baptism gifts that remind the child of their devotion to God on this special day. You can make the rosary more personalized by adding a custom-made pouch for ease of carry and protection and have the child's name and baptism date embroidered on it.

Personalized Gifts:

  1. Engraved Keepsakes: Whether it’s for your goddaughter gifts or godson gifts, getting keepsakes gifts for the child is the loveliest option for personalized gifts. Items like silver spoons, cups, or picture frames can be turned into a keepsakes gift by adding a personal touch to them like engraving the child's name and baptism date, and/or a special message or Bible verse to add more meaning to it. Such baptism gifts live on to remind the child of your love and support, and their faith when they grow up.
  2. Personalized Blanket or Bible Cover: You can bring the child a custom-made blanket or bible cover with lovely designs embroidered on it as a baptism gift that combines practicality with sentimentality. These personalized presents can be used daily and grow to be treasured items that bring coziness, warmth, and happiness to the child.


  1. Children's Bible Storybook: As we've mentioned earlier, baptism gifts from godparents often include religious items, and because of that, it's always a great idea to give a children's bible storybook with colorful illustrations and simplified stories to introduce the child to the narratives and characters of the Bible. Such gifts help children better understand their faith and values in a fun and interactive way.
  2. Prayer Book or Devotional: Youngsters might be encouraged to pray and connect with God every day by using a prayer book or devotional that offers prayers, blessings, and reflections. These books frequently contain short prayers, motivational sayings, and tales that support kids in comprehending and expressing their emotions, appreciation, and faith.

Gift Cards or Savings Bonds:

  1. Gift Cards: Your baptism gift could be a gift card as an early sign of your financial support to the child. It's like taking your godson or goddaughter out to their favorite bookstore, toy store, or clothing store to buy what they want. It provides flexibility and ensures that the gift will be appreciated and used by the child.
  2. Savings Bonds: Another way to show your devotion towards supporting the child financially is to  start a savings account in the child's name with a decent amount of money. If you're wondering how much to give for baptism, you can basically give as much as you can, but people typically give around $100-$200. This practical gift is a great way to demonstrate foresight, responsibility, and care for the child's financial well-being.


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Now, it’s time to go through some of the commonly asked questions about baptism gifts from godparents.

Assortment of baptism gifts for boys and girls.

How Much to Give for Baptism?

As the child's godparent, it's better to provide a sizable donation as proof of your devotion and dedication towards the child's financial well-being, so it's best to give $100-$200 or more if it's within your financial needs. However, if you're just a close friend or a relative, fifty bucks might be just fine for the occasion. 

What do Godparents Buy for Baptism?

As we’ve covered in the blog so far, a godparent’s gift should be something that indicates their commitment to providing the child with spiritual, financial, and educational support. So, anything that symbolizes this commitment and support is acceptable.

What is an Appropriate Gift for a Catholic Baptism?

Whether you're a godparent or not, it's traditional to bring a gift to commemorate this significant event if you're attending the baptism. If you are not playing a specific role and are going as a friend, family member, or church member, then a check or a gift card might be appropriate.


In Conclusion:

Being the godparent of a child puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, one that you have to show you’re capable of and respect through your baptism gifts. Before you choose, do your research and sit with your thoughts for a bit to bring something both meaningful and practical. You want your gift to be cherished and remembered, so take your time to bring something thoughtful.