Baptism Gift Ideas for Boys and Girls

Baptism Gift Ideas for Boys and Girls

As confusing as it is to choose a gift for someone, choosing a christening gift for a baby isn’t as hard as some people might think. You might face some confusion as your gift options are kind of limited for such an occasion, but you can always use your creativity to turn a dull old christening gift idea into a new, exciting, and thoughtful one. To help you get a head start, we will be listing some of our favorite baptism ideas for you to choose and personalize.


Baptism Gifts for Girls:

A christening gift should be a thoughtful and meaningful one. You should think of a gift that will live on with the child until they grow up as the perfect reminder of that heartfelt moment. Let’s give a few good examples:

Personalized Keepsake Box:

It's the most beautiful way to provide the child with a place to keep everything she holds dear from this special day in her life. You can personalize a keepsake box in many lovely ways, such as engraving her name, baptism date, and a meaningful scripture verse or message on the box for the little girl. It’s one of the loveliest personalized baptism gifts for a little girl as it’s both heartwarming and useful.

Custom Photo Lamp:

Baby baptism gifts shouldn't always revolve around the theme of baptism or religion, it could be something different and more creative. You can create a heartfelt gift that will illuminate any little girl's bedroom décor with her favorite picture! A personalized photo lamp is not only stylish, but it will serve as the sweetest memento of your love for this child. If the young child is going through her "afraid of the dark" phase, this might also be used as a tiny night light, giving her peace of mind and comfort.

Amazon Gift Card:

Some people write checks, some people give cash in envelopes, we say, switch to gift cards. It’s not uncommon for people to give some money to the little girl on her big day as her christening gift, but we feel like giving a gift card feels more personal and more of a gift than just handing out money. This way, the little girl would have the money she needs to buy whatever she wants whenever she wants more conveniently.

Baptism Card:

Among christening gift ideas, this one is pretty popular and it turned into a bit of a tradition over time, and that happened for a reason for sure! A baptism card is a very personal way to let the parents and their little girl know how much you love them and how much you mean to them. It's also a nice way to remind the little girl that you've been there for her since day one, making it a gift to keep, remember, and cherish.

Baptism Jewelry:

Since it is supposed to symbolize a wish for wealth and success, silver is frequently thought of as a traditional baptism gift. For this reason, baptism gift options often include silver jewelry and rattles. So, let's take a look at what silver jewelry options you can think of when looking for lovely baptism gifts for girls.

  1. Cross Necklace: Seek out a delicate sterling silver or gold cross necklace with a pretty pattern if you believe the little girl's parents would enjoy such a christening gift. The little child can now wear this beautiful and sentimental item as a lifelong reminder of her baptism and faith on important occasions.
  2. Bracelet: A nice silver bracelet with the girl's baptism date engraved on it would be the perfect lucky charm for the little one. It would be a great addition to her keepsake box and a beautiful christening gift that she could wear and treasure as she grows!
  3. Anklet: Bringing the little girl a simple yet stunning silver anklet with a cross pendant would be a lovely additional christening gift that would simultaneously serve as a reminder of your love and her baptism and faith. When it comes to little girls, jewelry is always a nicer alternative to give since it may be used and will likely stick in their memory longer than other things.

Baptism Gifts for Boys:

Christening gifts for boys wrapped in blue.

Now that we’ve mentioned a few good baptism gift ideas for girls, let’s move on to see what options you have when it comes to little boys.

Custom Children’s Bible:

What better christening gift could you give to a little Christian than a beautifully illustrated children's Bible? You can make it a more thoughtful gift by inscribing his name and baptism date inside the bible. This gift will help nurture his faith and guide him as he learns more about the stories and teachings of the Bible.

Photo Album or Frame:

Baptism is a significant part of every person's life. Capturing the memorable moments of this special day in a decorative photo album or a picture frame is the best christening gift to help preserve the beautiful essence of this day. It's a gift that's guaranteed to be cherished by him and his family for years to come.

Christening Outfit:

Purchasing the child a sophisticated christening outfit made of premium materials to ensure he looks his best on this significant day is another wonderful gift for baptism. After wearing it on the day of his baptism, it can be passed down through the generations as a family heirloom.

Personalized Blanket or Bib:

If you're looking for a more thoughtful and practical gift for baptism, getting the little man a custom-made blanket or baby bib with his initials and baptism date embroidered on it is a great option to provide something useful and heartwarming at the same time. This present can be appreciated for years to come as a keepsake and will bring the little boy the comfort and warmth he needs.

Baby's First Nativity Set: 

It's never too early to instill in your child the genuine joy of Christmas. This christening gift can be utilized as a decoration during the holiday season and will teach him about the nativity narrative and the true spirit of Christmas.


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Various christening gift ideas displayed together.

Now, let’s go through some of the things that people tend to ask about the most when it comes to choosing christening gifts.

What is The Etiquette for Christening Gifts?

Gifts that are appropriate for a baby's baptism are typically of a religious nature. A silver item, such as a delicate bracelet, an etched cross necklace, or a baby's first bible are usually the most common and traditional baptism gift ideas. Generally speaking, it's preferable to choose sentimental, enduring gifts that the baby may wear on a daily basis as they become older.

Is it OK to Give Money as a Gift for Baptism?

As we have already discussed in this blog post, it is quite acceptable to give money to a child as a christening gift. However, if you feel like you cannot contribute enough money, you can always choose to give gifts instead of cash, as that's ok as well. When deciding to give cash, people tend to bring a card with a check, cash, or a savings bond in it. You can always go for an Amazon gift card as well if you feel like doing something different or more personal.

How Much Money is Acceptable as a Gift for Baptism?

If you are chosen to be the child's godparent, you may be required to provide a sizable donation, such as $100, $150, or even more if it is within your financial means. However, if you're just a close friend or a relative, fifty bucks might be just fine for the occasion. For more information, contact the church in the same city or the location of the baptism, as this amount of money can depend on several factors.


In Conclusion:

Like any other gift, baby baptism gifts can be a bit confusing to choose. It's not an impossible task as long as you do your research properly and go through all of the available options. While the thought that counts and while parents will appreciate your christening gift whatever it may be, try to make it a genuine and thoughtful one because these are the ones that live forever. Giving money is also a great gift for baptism as it helps support the baby's early funds, especially if they were a newborn; New parents would especially appreciate such a gift.