Flower Girl Ecru Dress with a Headband
Flower Girl Ecru Dress with a Headband

Flower Girl Ecru Dress with a Headband

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Get your favorite dresses at Kids Chic. Suitable for any occasion: Weddings (flower girl), Baptism, Birthdays. Dress your little girl in style like a princess!

Cotton lining is used for extra comfort. Buffy short sleeves, with multilayer tulle skirt. There are flowers and straces. It is a very good choice for birthdays and special occasions. 

Cute princess dress. Ecru colored dress with flowers decorations. Dress comes with a cute hair bow. The dress is made of Cotton. There are some cute flowers on the upper side of the dress. The dress has a cute bow ribbon at the back and looks like a Disney princess. Make your little girl feel like a princess!

Dress was designed to create extra comfort and a stylish appearance for the Girl. One of the most successful examples of the product category and has created a new perspective in Girl fashion with its unique design. Produced from %100 COTTON, this Dress stands out with its robust and flexible structure. The dress is for any formal occasion like baptisms, weddings, birthdays, and many more.